Duet-on-Pitch Tuner

Hitting the right notes? Singers can now use the free Duet-on-Pitch (DoP) Tuner app to practice their harmonies. After choosing and listening to their respective notes, users simultaneously sing them and track their accuracy with a visual real-time display. The app helps singers train their ears in order to produce the right pitches and stay in tune with another singer.

Reason Racer

Reason Racer is a multiplayer game that provides students practice with the elements of argumentation. The skills of argumentation involve understanding a claim, judging the evidence about a claim, determining the reasoning applied to the claim, considering counter-arguments, and making judgments.

Ushi's Ruler Game

From the KU Center for Technology Commercialization comes Quarked! Adventures in the Subatomic Universe. Can you guess how small quarks are? Zoom into the teeny-tiny world of Quarks which are the smallest things we know.


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