Duet-on-Pitch Tuner


Hitting the right notes? Singers can now use the free Duet-on-Pitch (DoP) Tuner app to practice their harmonies. After choosing and listening to their respective notes, users simultaneously sing them and track their accuracy with a visual real-time display. The app helps singers train their ears in order to produce the right pitches and stay in tune with another singer.

No singing partner? No problem! DoP Tuner can be your partner. The DoP Tuner app allows you to improve your harmony skills, pitch accuracy and breath control. It is also useful for instrumentalists.


  • Pick any pair of musical notes for interval training
  • Adjust duration, accuracy tolerance and display markings
  • Compete with others for best score
  • Track progress
  • Master tight harmonies
  • Develop better breath control

This app was developed by the Information and Telecommunications Technology Center at the University of Kansas.



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