Jayhawk GPS


Jayhawk GPS uses the companion app called Navigate Student and is the most convenient way for you to track your academic advising information. You can access your current course schedule, view enrollment holds and how to resolve them, and schedule appointments with your advisor. 

Key Features: 

  • Discover academic resources.
  • Get directions to offices on campus.
  • Schedule advising appointments.
  • Make your own to-do list and set reminders.
  • Get alerts about important deadlines.
  • Receive alerts about holds and find out how to resolve them.
  • Sync your class schedule with your phone calendar.
  • Locate and reach out to your academic advisor. 


Note: Jayhawk GPS is provided through the Navigate Student app.



App developers: Download (.pdf) and read this summary of privacy principles for how information should be collected, used and disclosed in mobile applications and platforms.