KU Information Technology mobile


KU Information Technology supports the University of Kansas academic and research missions by providing a broad range of technology services, including key campus technical infrastructure.
From data to voice, email to video, web-based academic and administrative systems, software and virus protection, IT delivers innovative services in support of learning, scholarship, and creative endeavor. IT includes a 24/7 enterprise data center and many knowledgeable staff providing KU with expertise in server and desktop support, application support, software development, IT security, networking, as well as customer support and project management. Working together, our staff deliver technology services you use at KU.
Guiding Principles
  • We need to partner with the highest levels of leadership across campus. We need to understand the mission of this university and each leader’s role in achieving it. We need to use that information in conjunction with our knowledge of technology to help build the business models that will enable KU to achieve its mission and be economically self-sufficient and sustainable.
  • Process improvements have to be continual. As the world changes around us, our processes have to change with it. That’s the only way they’ll remain efficient and effective. All process can continually be improved. Never be satisfied. And that’s the only way we can be successful in supporting KU’s teaching, learning and research missions.
  • Our staff is our greatest resource. Technology is universal but our people are unique and make all the difference in whether we are successful or not. Together we will establish a vision for IT and we will cultivate our skills and abilities so we can make that vision a reality.
  • We need to promise what we will deliver and deliver on our promises. We won’t wait for requests to come to us. We’ll be proactive in our communications, seeking out our customer’s needs and making sure they know about our services. We’ll investigate new technologies, determine whether they could add value, and introduce the best of the best to our customers.



App developers: Download (.pdf) and read this summary of privacy principles for how information should be collected, used and disclosed in mobile applications and platforms.