Make us mobile!

Are you interested in developing a KU mobile website or application? You are starting out in the right place. The KU Mobile Plaza was designed to be a centralized resource for all KU-related mobile applications and their development at the University. 

Step 1: Tell us what you want to do

Fill out this online form to let us know what you want your application to do. Give us a few days to review your submission, at which point we will contact you to set up a meeting.

Step 2: Meet with KU Information Technology Staff

Once we have received your request, IT will setup a meeting with you to discuss in greater detail the specific goals of your project, resources available and potential timelines. We also will discuss options available for how the application or site can be developed and any internal or external resources available.

Step 3: Begin Development

Development on your project may be done internally or contracted through an outside vendor with the assistance of KU Information Technology.  

Step 4: Go live!

Once development and testing has been completed on your app, you are ready to go live!  KU IT will add your mobile app to the KU Mobile Plaza and coordinate a time to feature it on the mobile plaza homepage.  

Some helpful hints

  • Write out the goal of what your app or site is trying to accomplish
  • Search the Internet, Apple iTunes (app store), and Google Play to see if a similar application already exists
  • Keep your apps simple. Focus on key, useful features and don't add unnecessary elements
  • Design your app to be intuitive for your users, otherwise expect to receive a lot of support calls
  • Update your app regularly based on the feedback of your users