Rave Guardian


The Rave Guardian mobile app can help enhance personal safety through real-time interactive features that enable students to connect with a network of friends and family, as well as public safety staff at the Lawrence and Edwards campuses. The app is made available at no cost to students through the offices of Public Affairs, Public Safety and Student Affairs.

Key Features:

  • Personal Guardians: Create a network of “Guardians” consisting of friends and family.
  • Safety Timer: Set a timer that notifies your "Guardians" if you haven’t arrived at your intended destination.
  • Call 9-1-1 Button: Immediately connect with public safety personnel and share your GPS location.
  • Tip Texting: Have text message conversations with public safety personnel.



App developers: Download (.pdf) and read this summary of privacy principles for how information should be collected, used and disclosed in mobile applications and platforms.